Web Applications

PMCSx is for everyone; a mobile application that gets the operator to a screen which they can report the faults found during PMCS, to everyone who needs to know, with no delay. This application based solution is built with the users in mind and is developed to answer all of their questions, and will give commanders back an average of 93,600 man-hours a year.

Until now, PMCS required more than 10 people involved with the handling of 1 piece of paper per vehicle. This could mean 200 pieces of paper, and more than 300 people, and up to 3 business days before maintenance received notice of faults found into their workflow. With PMCSX, the process requires one person, with ZERO paper, and maintenance is notified of new workflow in the time it takes to finish a PMCS; an average of 45 minutes.

PMCSx includes a leaders Dashboard, accessible In MCRSFT Teams. Completion of PMCS and use of Equipment is measurable and intuitive enough to understand. By making data visual, leaders can Identify opportunities in not just maintenance, but also In training.

A soldier-developed and web-based application built with the user at the center, available on any browser and the Android and Apple App store.

This app is for customers of the Wilderness Inn Dining Facility and is built to be scale-able beyond. The daily customers of the Wilderness Inn Dining Facility are Soldiers, Family members, DA Civilians, and contractors; FY20 average utilization rate of 75%.

With a customer application the Wilderness Inn could experience a decrease in wait time, an expected increase of headcount by 25%, and an increased demand for To-Go/ contact-less ordering.


A adaptive and customizable Project Management Tool for Staff Task Tracking.


JMPtrx is a mobile application for Jumpmasters and Airborne Leaders. Creating jump manifests. Data visualization for status of personnel airborne and jumpmaster readiness, proficiency, and currency. Uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate the process of updating trackers, manifests, load reports, and individual jump logs for pay and currency.


Captures individual Paratroopers schedules to record and report "non-Productive time", time spent away from their primary duty for additional duties or appointments. The individuals time blocks are viewable and progressive at the team, Squad, platoon, and company level. Time blocked visualization are used to overlay across a "very-general" Short and Long-Rang Training calendars. T2T will subsequently capture a rough idea of "Productive Time", time spent on duty.

Round Count

Using hardware and software designed, built, and coded by Spartan Paratroopers, this application will collect round counts and perform a sort of other maintenance reporting and activities specifically for Armament Weapon systems.

Maint-Mod Reporter

Leverages the "Mass Load" features already available in Modification Management Information System (MMIS) to put MMIS requirements into the mechanics hand. Automated work flow from maintenance managers to mechanics and clerks. The verification process builds all the information needed for the GCSS-Army clerks to subsequentyl complete the work-order process, and the maintenance manager to submit the CVS file required by the MMIS system.

Tactical Logistics Bridge


BIFRÖST is a web application designed for leaders who have a requirement to account for and report training occurrences and results.

BIFRÖST can digitize the collection of training information and facilitate the easy transfer of the information into DTMS, capitalizing on capability already present in DTMS.


A feature to be included in PMCSx; the ability to request a dispatch and QA/QC process for various types of dispatch. (on-post, off-post, for ammo draw....ect)

This app will only initiate the dispatch process, replacing any manual process that currently exists, but will not replace any action required within GCSS-Army