SOldier-Coders have created Spartan Eats and have 6 other applications in development!

Teletraan Alpha is a project that will build a team of skilled soldier-coders. Through formal and informal training, mentorship from professional web developers, data scientists, and project immersion, paratroopers are learning, ground up, how to design, model, code, and release computer applications and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Rank and MOS Immaterial; If you are interested, please contact




<li><b>Paratroopers are teaming with Airmen from the Arctic Spark Team</b>, partenering with local tech companies and Alaskan academia, to skill-up our in-house capabilities and individual abilities.</li>

<li>SPARWERX intent is to have teams of soldiers familiar with the capabilities, applicability, and the languages; paratroopers capable of delivering a tactical level solution at the speed of relevancy. Additionally, the Brigade seeks to have the ability to understand enemy application and technology at or near the forward line.</li>