bringing a framework of reality SPECTRUM assets to the warfighter

The goal of the Holodeck project is to deliver training to paratroopers. Developing a catalogue of skills and generating a library of reality spectrum assests, that may be quickly called upon - for creating customizable training environments for any team's need.

The Holodeck is a fictional device from the television show Star Trek. It is a stage where participants may engage with different virtual reality envirionments.

DO you play video games? Do you build Video Games!?

Do you want to learn to build video games and reality training solutions!?

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Life imitates art. This project is another opportunity for the real world to be influenced by creative work. It will start with paratroopers becoming familiar with the technology and becoming skilled at developing for it.

Once the skill to develop is within the brigade, the brigades reality spectrum will begin to take shape in the form of digital assets and environments for training Airborne mid-air entanglements, medical scenarios, augmented terrain maps, and so much more.